Dubai Traffic Fines

Dubai Discount rates on traffic fines in Dubai happen to be authorized by the Executive Council, however the timing and area of reduction is going to be introduced later, a senior officer stated yesterday.

Lieutenant Colonel Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, Acting Director of Dubai Polices Traffic Department, stated motorists with hefty fines will enjoy the initiative as long as they settle all of their fines all at once and meet other concerns to become introduced later.

The announcement concerning the discount was initially produced by Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Dubai Police Chief, through his Twitter account on Friday.

Announcing the departments intend to monitor traffic throughout Ramadan, Lt Col Al Mazroui stated the amount of serious accidents in Ramadan dropped from 237 in ’09 to 171 this year, and minor accidents from 18,054 to 16,253.


These accidents mostly derive from peoples eagerness because they hurry to possess iftar particularly when Ramadan falls in summer time several weeks once the day is longer and also the warmth makes fasting more tiring.

Accident statistics in the past 2 yrs show a regular peak in the amount of accidents between 1pm and 5pm, the time many people mind home from work.

People on the streets had their share of violations with 2,769 fines released for jay walking (crossing at areas apart from allotted pedestrian crossings). Many of these derive from peoples hurry to finish the short in the free banquets organised near mosques and villas.

In Ramadan this past year there have been 16 deaths, 17 severe injuries, 39 moderate injuries and 99 simple injuries in comparison to 16 deaths, 18 severe injuries, 75 moderate injuries and 93 simple injuries in Ramadan 2009, Lt Col Al Mazroui stated.

We urge individuals who don’t have to be around the roads around these occasions to remain home throughout the hurry hrs of Ramadan, he stated.

Dubai Police patrols will distribute iftar kits water, dates, snacks and serviettes to motorists on Emirates Road, Shaikh Zayed Road and inter-city freeways and also at gas stations.